Custom Built

Techknow are your Computer and Laptop Specialists

We all want the best technology tailored to our needs and as we know choosing computer parts can be tricky, ensuring everything is compatible and fits. The Techknow Custom built Computers are built by the Techknow Experts with precision and quality from only the finest PC parts from Australian suppliers so we can get the parts fast and also give you great, premium support.

  • Home and Office PCs
  • professional workstations
  • Gaming desktop PCs
  • And much more…


So when it comes to Custom Built Computers repairs Port Macquarie's local specialists are here to help.

We only use quality parts and components from brands such as –

  • AMD
  • ASUS
  • And more…

The following components will need to be selected instore or over the phone to begin –

  • Step 1: Operating System
  • Step 2: Motherboard
  • Step 3: Processor
  • Step 4: Memory
  • Step 5: Hard Drive
  • Step 6: Graphics Card
  • Step 7: Optical Drive
  • Step 8: Case
  • Step 9: Power Supply
  • Step 10: Extra Cooling
  • Step 11: Monitor
  • Step 12: Keyboard & Mouse
  • Step 13: Speakers
  • Step 14: Headset
  • Step 15: Software
  • Step 16: Connectivity
  • Step 17: Warranty
  • Step 18: Delivery
  • Step 19: Summary & Checkout


Get all your PC Support and technology questions answered and your problems solved.


We'll set up your new Custom-built PC and add those final touches that make it extra special and a trouble free experience.


Brought that new Custom-built PC and don’t have time to install it? Or not sure how to install it? The Techknow team are experienced in a wide range of devices, so installation is breeze when you use the expert team at Techknow.


From time to time your devices need a service or repair much like your car, the Techknow teams 25+ year experience makes it the best choice for all your Device repair.


After you have purchased that new Custom-built PC you might need to know how to best use it. Improving your computer skills will help you to use technology more effectively so you can keep in touch with friends and family, improve your skills for work or to help with further learning. Techknow has you covered for all you training and consulting needs.


Need help buying that new Computer/Laptop? Maybe you want to upgrade your Custom-built PC. Your new Computer/Laptop can be a big investment not just in cost but time, The Techknow team can assist you when buying your next Computer/Laptop and save you time.