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New Technology Sales

Techknow uses a proven process which matches your requirements with the best solution for you. We will find you the best deal for your budget, searching all avenues to make your purchase.

Hardware & Software Setup

Techknow can help you setup your device either in store or we can come to your home or office. Our staff will make sure your technology is setup properly and customised to your individual needs to ensure optimal functionality.

Training & Tuition

Techknow can provide group training presentations to get whole teams up to speed, in store or at your office. Improve your technical skills and confidence in a relaxed, comfortable environment with one on one tailored tutorials, in store or at your home.

Tech Support

Techknow can help you when your device is not performing as it should. If you’re finding it hard to understand the call centres then Techknow can help with both remote and in store support.

Expert Advice

With professional advice in selecting the best devices and applications for your needs, Techknow will take the stress out of the shopping experience.

Friendly Staff

Each Techknow staff member will take the time to explain things to you in an easy to understand way. Our goal is to bridge the gap between people and technology.


We are a team of professionals with over 20 years combined experience in the technological training and support sectors dedicated to providing
an exceptional experience for our valued customers.

Our Techknow staff can help you keep informed, updated & connected with technology relative to your needs and have it described in terms you can understand.

Using Techknow's expert tuition, advise and services helps you to improve time management and productivity giving you more opportunity to do the things you enjoy.

We support all manner of devices including; Smart Tvs, Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Computers, Gaming Consoles, Sound Systems and more!

Our Friendly Team

The team at Techknow

When you speak to one of the Techknow staff they'll talk to you in terms that are easy to understand (no technical jargon) and take the time to help you get the most from your technology whatever it may be.


Very friendly, professional, approachable and affordable!! Very impressed with the work you did and will definitely be back.


Very helpful, very professional, very approachable, very knowledgable, very friendly, very easy to understand, very welcoming. I would highly recommend.


Great guys to deal with. Very helpful and patient. Would recommend to any oldies.

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